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Welcome to ACPMN

The Association of Chartered Professional Managers in Nigeria is the only recognized Chartered Professional Managers Association in Professional Management in Nigeria.

It was founded among other objectives to encourage and promote the study and adoption of scientific knowledge in Professional Management, and represents the professional interest of Professional Managers and Administrators, Consultants, etc. in both private and public sectors.

ACPMN Broad Aims & Objectives

1. To provide an institution known in scope and activity for all persons engaged in Professional Management and other allied professions.

2. To promote the development of Professional Management as a distinctive profession vital for national development and advancement.

3. To raise the standards and status of Chartered Professional Managers and other related professions through seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia and qualifying professional examinations.

4. To provide a recognized forum for exchange of new concepts in Chartered Professional Managers and management among others.

5. To set and apply professional and ethical standards in the practice of Professional Management.

6. To promote and cater for the interest and welfare of those engaged in Professional Management.

7. To update the knowledge of members through work study/professional advancement programs.

8. To compile, publish and distribute periodically professional Courses calendars for open participation by interested persons.

9. To provide members with vital professional information through the publication distribution of Newsletters, bulletin. The Chartered Managers Journal, etc.

10. To promote productivity, efficiency and accountability in the work place and the nation.